3D Archi Designer

Quick Guide

Quick Guide

STEP3Design your plan in 3D View

View 3D image

Click [3D View] and check your plan from different angles.
You can switch view with your cursor.

View Tools

  • ExteriorExterior
  • InteriorInterior

View Tools

Click a button and control the view with your cursor.

  • Zoom In/OutZoom In/Out
  • Partial Zoom InPartial Zoom In
  • ScrollScroll
  • OrbitOrbit
  • Zoom In/OutZoom In/Out
  • PanPan
  • Select ObjectsSelect Objects
  • Drag the CameraDrag the Camera
  • Viewing DirectionViewing Direction
  • Change Viewing DirectionChange Viewing Direction
  • Show WallShow Wall
  • View AllView All
  • Telephoto/Wide (13 Angles)Telephoto/Wide (13 Angles)
  • View Switch Interior/Exterior
  • You can change view point by mouse operation.
  • You can select what you want to show in your 3D View.

Split View lets you view a Floor Plan and a 3D View at the same time.

Change Wall paper and Flooring materials

Change Wall paper and Flooring materials.

Select Wall paper, Flooring, Ceiling and Exterior wall materials and apply to your plan.

  • Applying multiple materials a face of a wall.

    Applying multiple materials a face of a wall.

    Check Spot-fill to apply a wall material a face of wall.

  • Cloud Materials

    Cloud Materials

    cloudMaterials with a cloud mark, can be downloaded from Data Center.

    To download cloud materials, you will need to register to Data Center and log-in.

Decorate the interior with objects

Decorate the interior with objects.

Click "Interior", and decorate rooms with objects.
You can place an object on the table and hang paint on the walls.

Trees and Plants

Trees and Plants

Click "Exterior", and place trees and plants in the garden.

Final Touch

  • Background / Foreground image / Glare / Day Light Setting

    Background / Foreground image / Glare / Day Light Setting Background / Foreground image / Glare / Day Light Setting

    Click "Back/Fore/Glare".
    Backgrond / Day Light can be set by one click.
    You can place trees, plants and lens flare in Foreground.

  • Lighting


    Click "Lighting".
    You can adjust the type and color of light for each lighting fixture.

  • Perspective / Floor Plan / Elevation

    Perspective / Floor Plan / Elevation

    Click "Elevation View".
    You can print / output elevation of your plan.

  • Hi-resolution Images

    Hi-resolution Images

    Click "Rendering".
    You can export Hi-resolution image easily.

Done !

Save your plan

Don’t forget to save your plan.
Go to Tool Bar and click [Save].

Go back to Floor Planner

To modify your floor plan further, go back to "Floor Planner".
To get more information and support, click [Online Help].