Installation Details

  1. Insert the setup disc into the disc drive.
  2. Execute [AUTOSEL.EXE].
  3. Click [START] to start the installation.
  4. Enter your license key.
    You can find your license key as listed below.
    [Physical Edition] >> On the case of disc
    [Digital Edition] or [Cloud License] >> In an email that you will receive after purchase
    [Additional License] >> In the license agreement (certificate)

  5. Click [Display License Agreement].
    Please read the license agreement carefully and agree to start the installation. Enter your license key.
  6. Files are cpied to your computer. Please wait.
  7. Your license will be confirmed and activated.
    ※This step is skipped for cloud licenses. Activate the license
  8. Register your license at User Rgistration.
    ※Register your license at User Rgistration.
    ※If you would like to go next without User Rgistration, please check [Register later/Registered]. User Registration
  9. Click [Finish] to exit the installation program.