• QHow long does it takes to learn how to use 3D Archi Designer?
    • A it takes from 2 weeks to 1 month for a person who knows how to use a computer.

  • QDo I need an internet connection?
    • AFor Cloud License, you will need an internet connection. For Legacy License, you can operate the software without an internet connection. However to download material data, an internet connection is required.

  • QHow about data format compatibility?
  • QDo I need to purchase a graphics card?
    • AYou don't need to change or upgrade the graphics card. However, with 3.0 shader graphics card, the shadow of the building will be shown while creating a perspective.

      < 3.0 shader graphics card >
      AMD/ Radeon X1300 and later version(X1300~X1950), HD 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000 series
      Rx 200 series
      Intel 35/41/43/45, B43, Q43/45, GL40, GS40/45, GM45/47
      G965, G6950, GM965, GL960, UL11L, US15L, US15W
      Core i3
      Core i5 (excluding without GPU such as 700 series )
      Core i7 (excluding without GPU such as 800 series, 900 series)
      NVIDIA GeForce 6/7/8/9 series 200/300/400/500/600/700 series

      Graphics card with Anti-aliasing improves quality of 3D perspective display. The compatibility of anti-aliasing depends on the graphics card. Check with the manufacture for details.

      ※With GeForce 6150,6200,6500 series, displaying shade will slow down the functions. Turning off shade display is recommended.

  • QHow many material options are available?
    • A3D Archi Designer 10 Professional stores data as shown below :

      ● 3D Parts:17,000 and more
      ● Texture:5,600 and more
      ● Color:704
      ● Background:173
      ● Sample floor plan:168
      ● Foreground:29

  • QWhat is the difference between 3D Archi Designer and 3D Designer Series?
    • AThe big difference is that with 3D Archi Designer you can create the floor plan high-rise building up to 15 stories height. Also, there are additional functions which is not included in the 3D Designer Series.

  • QAre 3D Archi Designer and 3D designer series compatible?
    • AThe data file created by 3D Archi Designer is unable to open with 3D Design series. However, the data file which is created by 3D Design series is able to open with 3D Archi Designer, and able to save in m3d file which is the file format for My Home Designer. The floors which are not compliant in 3D My Home Designer (B2 and 5th floors and above) are unable to display.

  • QCan I use 3D Archi Designer on my desktop computer as well as laptop computer?
    • A With Cloud Licensing you can, however, you can only log-in on one computer at a time. Legacy Licensing is only able to download to one computer.

  • QDoes 3D Archi Designer work with Mac?
    • ASorry, 3D Archi Designer for Mac is not available at this time.



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