Simple and easy operation

You can switch a floor plan view into a 3D view with just one-click. It is an easy operation, and all presentation materials are saved in one file. During the presentation, you can change wall colors, or floor materials etc. to show different design and options.

Floor planning

Create floor plans

It is easy to create a floor plan with 3D Archi Designer. Room layout, window, door, and furniture placement can be accomplished by just dragging and dropping with your cursor.

floor plan

Floor plan duplication

You can copy a entire floor plan and paste to another floor. This is a valuable time saving function when creating plans for an office building or multi-family residential project.

Copy a floor plan

Easy roof designing

You can easily create complicated roof designs. Select from a variety of roof templates to fit your specific design requirements.

 easily create roofs

Fully dimensioned building sections

Building sections, both interior, and exterior can be produced. All dimensions, including roof pitches, are added automatically.

dimentions line

Set-back compliance verification

3D Archi Designer offers set-back verification, which is based on local zoning laws and regulations.

Set-back check

Shadow Study

Shadow Study is a great presentation tool for your client, the community, and regulating authority.

Shadow Study

Architectural Symbols

Architectural symbols are available, and easy to place. They can be incorporated into a glossary table for explanation.

Architectural symbols

3D perspectives

Automatic 3D perspective creation

3D perspectives are generated from 2D plans with just one-click. More than 23,000 materials are included to decorate the plan.

More than 23,000 materials

Apply various type of textures

You can create own textures or modify an existing one. Also, you can simulate the looks of interior wall, or flooring in a different material.

Edit texture

Staircase selections

Various types of stairs, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, and spiral are available. All are easy to edit to fit your plan.

Various types of stairs

Window and door wizard

The wizard guide allows you to create a customized window and/or door. You can also simulate how it will open/close in 3D view to ensure proper operation.

Customize a window or a door

Choose molding easily

Molding can add a luxurious look to your interior design. Simply select a molding design and place it in you plan. Or, you can create a design of your own for a unique look.


Special Interior architectural features

Utilize the depth of the walls. You can create a Niche, built-in shelf, or archway. Additions like these add great and economical accents to rooms.


Curtain walls

A curtain wall is a great eye catcher for a high-rise building.

Curtain wall


High-resolution output image

High-resolution 3D rendering software "Optimage"

3D rendering

Virtual walk-through

Virtual walk-through shows you the plan as if you are in the building.

Virtual walk-through

Sun exposure

You can visualize how sunlight affects your plan. You can also check sun exposure with daylight simulation.

Sun exposure

Solar power output / Power consumption

You can customize your plan by adding solar panels and simulate yearly power output. Also, estimate power consumption based on equipment and appliance set in the floor plan.

Simulate power output

View with special effects

Special effects are available to allow you to view your plan in alternate modes. Examples would be transparency or cross-sectional views.

Special effects

Data Export

Calculate square footage and material quantiles

Square feet, dimensions and quantities of a floor plan are automatically calculated and can be exported in a CVS file.

estimate the cost

Share project data with your project team

You can import/export AutoCAD, JW-CAD, Precut CAD data to/from 3D Archi Designer.

Import/export CAD data