Create floor plans

It is easy to create a floor plan with 3D Archi Designer. Room layout, window, door, and furniture placement can be accomplished by just dragging and dropping with your cursor.

Floor plan

You can create a floor plan just with your computer mouse

You don't have to be a 3DCG or CAD expert. Creating a floor plan is easier than ever.

1, Draw Land Lot 2, Place rooms 3, Set windows and doors

Useful functions

Land lot trianglulation drawing

Trianglulation drawing

You can draw your building site by triangulation method. All you need are the length of three sides or the length of a vertical line and two sides of a triangle.

Importing a sketch and CAD data

You can import a sketch from a scanner, BMP and JPG. Also, CAD data from Jcad and AutoCAD can be imported.
Import/Export format

Abundant sample data


You don't always have to create a plan from scratch. Abundant sample data is available as a template.

Decorate a floor plan

You can change a look of your plan by changing colors and drawing medias.

Decorate a floor plan