Solar power output / Power consumption

You can customize your plan by adding solar panels and simulate yearly power output. Also, estimate power consumption based on equipment and appliances set in the floor plan.

simulate yearly power output

Create a customized solar panel

Present a solar panel to fit the plan

Solar panel

The wizard allows you to create a customized solar panel, which meets your client's request. Quantities of panels, conditioner, and square footage are automatically calculation.

Yearly power output estimation

Solar panel

You can also estimate the yearly power output of the solar panel which is created. It is calculated based on sun exposure data at 801 locations* in Japan.

*Provided by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

Power consumption check

check the yearly power consumption

You can check the yearly power consumption, which is calculated based on all appliances and equipment placed in your plan. The yearly power consumption is converted to oil quantity and CO2 emission as well as to cost estimation.