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June 7. 2022

In recent years, Japanese food has become very popular around the world.
What are the indispensable Japanese kitchen appliances to make a Japanese food menu?

Japanese Rice Cooker is the best!

Having some bread for breakfast is common in Japan, but rice is still a staple food.
Most Japanese households have rice cookers.
In Japan, IH pressure rice cookers of about 5-go (750g/1.7bs) cooking size are the most popular.
What needs to do is just wash the rice and set it in the rice cooker, then press a button to start cooking.
In about 30 to 60 minutes, delicious rice is ready to eat.
Several Japanese manufacturers also sell pressure IH rice cookers overseas.

Japanese Rice Cooker

Japanese Rice Cooker

Freshly Cooked Japanese Rice

Freshly Cooked Japanese Rice

Microwave oven is a time-saving cooking tool.

Japanese people love microwave ovens.
Many frozen foods are on the market since they are easy to fix with a microwave oven.
It is also a helpful tool when you cook multiple dishes at the same time. Using a microwave oven speeds up cooking time.
However, Japanese system kitchens usually do not come with a built-in microwave or large oven. Microwave needs to be bought separately.
There are also small ovens range come with microwave function.

Microwave oven

Whether you are single or have a family, microwave ovens are an essential part of Japanese life.

Japanese microwave oven

Japanese microwave ovens have many automatic cooking buttons.

Gas range with a Fish Broiler

Where do you think Japanese people grill a fish?
Look under the gas range. You may find a little knob, and if you pull it out, it is a fish broiler.
It is called sakana yaki grill, literately fish grill. However, it is convenient to grill various things other than fish.

Japanese fish broiler

A fish broiler under the gas range

Japanese cuisine with grilled fish

Japanese cuisine with grilled fish as the main dish

Japanese Dishwasher

Compared to Western countries, the ownership rate of dishwashers in Japan is lower.
One of the reasons is that Japanese tableware comes with many different shapes, and some are difficult to wash thoroughly with a dishwasher.
However, these days, both husband and wife have a full-time jobs than in older days, and the dishwasher has become more popular to ease housework.
Japanese system kitchens often have built-in dishwashers, but they are also sold separately.
Many Japanese dishwashers emphasize not only washing efficiency but also water conservation.

Japanese Dishwasher

Japanese Dishwasher

Japanese ceramic bowls

Japanese ceramic bowls

With the time, Japanese kitchen appliances have changed.
A large electric water kettles pot with a thermos function was common in the past, but are now being replaced with a small electric kettle.
Electric pressure cookers have also become popular in recent years.
Kitchen appliances that anyone can enjoy cooking quickly and easily come in handy.

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