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Japanese Electric Cooker

Japanese Electric Cooker

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March 25. 2023

As you may have heard, almost every household has a “rice cooker in Japan.
However, if you visit a Japanese electronics retail store, you may see electric cookers that just look like rice cooker but is not, and you may get confused.
In this episode, I am introducing rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, and self-heating pots sold in Japan.
They look similar to a “crock pot” which is sold in Western countries, but they are different.
Then, how do people choose an electric cooker in Japan?


1. Rice Cooker

Needless to say, a rice cooker is a cookware to cook rice.
In Japan, IH pressure rice cookers of about 5-go (750g/1.7 lbs) cooking size are the most popular.
Not only white rice, but can also cook seasoned rice, sticky rice, or multigrain rice.
Some models have cooking functions in addition to rice cooking, and you can cook pot-au-feu, stew, and other stewed dishes.
When choosing a rice cooker, consider cooking size, heating method, inner pot material and layers, and whether you can cook other than rice.

Rice Cooker


2. Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cookers began to be popular in Japan several years ago, and a variety of models are available these days.
In addition to stewing food, many models can cook without water, cook at low temperatures like a slow cooker, and offer a wide range of quick cooking menus.

The best part of electric pressure cookers is that they can cook food thoroughly in a short time.
Also, since it operates by electricity, it is safe, and no need to watch it while it is cooking.
Recent models use excellent materials for inner pots, food can be cooked without burning.
It is an excellent cookware for busy people. Throw in all the ingredients in it and push the start button, and the meal is done quickly.


3. Smart Slow Cooker

Smart slow cookers are similar to electric pressure cookers but do not have a pressure function.
Many of them support low-temperature cooking and cooking without water and offer a wide variety of cooking e-menus.
Since you don’t need to watch it while cooking, you can tackle other household chores or work.
Even you can take a bath while cooking and have a hot meal right afterward.

Smart slow cookers do not shorten the cooking time as pressure cookers. However, it gives good flavors to food through the slow cooking process. It can be paused to check and add seasonings and ingredients at different times.

Some of the best-selling smart slow cookers come with an automatic stirrer. This is an excellent function in that the ingredients are stirred at the right time without food falling apart and mushy.
The latest models can even connect to Wi-Fi and download e-menus.
Some models can be reserved for long periods ahead of time without spoiling food.


How to choose an electric cooker in Japan?

These three electric cookers are popular in Japan, and each has different functions.
A rice cooker is simply for cooking rice, but you may wonder which to choose between an electric pressure cooker or a smart slow cooker.

We would recommend the electric pressure cooker for those who looking for quick cooking and the smart slow cooker for those who prioritize taste.
However, since the latest models are well made, whichever one you choose, you will be able to get delicious food.

These electric cookers make your life easy. You don’t need to stick around in the kitchen while cooking. Since it does not use the cooking stove, you don’t need to clean the kitchen as often.

It is very convenient to have a Japanese Electric Cooker at home, highly recommended.

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