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High-Quality Japanese Storage Organizer

High-Quality Japanese Storage Organizer

Storage Ideas

June 10. 2024

Hi! I’m Sayaka Minami, a Japanese minimalist, and a professional organizer.

Have you heard of the brand “like-it”, a storage organizer made by a Japanese manufacturer?
Their products are sold in twenty-five countries, including the US. Once you use one of their products, you will want to buy another one.
In this issue, I will show you the features and charm of like-it by showing examples of how I use them.


1. like-it Closet System Modular Drawers

These are modular drawers for closets, available in three different heights (S, M, L).
The drawers can be easily stacked and combined, even in different sizes.
This product is designed in a way when four S, three M, and two L closets are stacked, the heights are the same.
In our house, we use them in the closet to store clothes for the whole family.
Swivel casters can be attached, which becomes handy when cleaning the room.

An adjustable drawer divider is available and fits perfectly in a drawer without creating any gaps.
Since Japanese houses are relatively smaller, Japanese manufacturers are good at designing to efficiently fit as many things as possible in a little space.

Adjustable Drawer Divider


2. like-it Large Desktop Station

My 12-year-old daughter used this desk organizer for her study desk.
She can keep notebooks, binders, pens, and other small items in one place.

Each item can be stored upright to save space, and the dividers allow the designated space for each item.
It seems my daughter enjoys arranging the dividers to where she likes.


3. like-it Magazine File, Pack of 2

I use this slim, simple magazine file holder to store serving trays in my kitchen cabinet.
I could not find a perfect organizer to keep the serving tray in place. Now by using this the serving trays are not falling over easily anymore. This simple organizer reduced my daily stress level.

I love the products from this Japanese brand “like-it”.
In the US, The Container Store carries their product.
I recommend checking it out if you are looking for an organizer.

* * *

Sayaka Minami

Minimalist & Professional Organizer
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