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Becoming a Minimalist, How will Your Life Change?

Becoming a Minimalist, How will Your Life Change?

Storage Ideas

March 10. 2023

Hi! I’m Sayaka Minami, a Japanese minimalist, and professional organizer.

The concept of minimalism is to think about what is truly necessary and reduce possessions.
As you become aware of minimalism and reduce the stuff around you, your life may change, and conversely, there may be things that are increasing.
What are they?


1. More space

Reducing stuff increases space… This is easy to visualize.
If you keep only the things you really need, you will create more and more space in your drawers, closets.

When you see an empty space in your drawer, don’t you feel, “There’s still room in there, I can put some more thing”?
We generally have a psychological urge to fill up a space that is empty.
But it is nothing wrong to have an empty space in your drawer.
It is important to have the presence of mind to accept that it is OK to have extra space.


2. More time

When you have less stuff, your life changes.
 ✔︎Cleaning your house becomes easier
 ✔︎Easy to decide what to wear
 ✔︎Shops less
As a result, you will have “time” that you did not have before.
When your life becomes simpler, you seem to have more time.
Sounds strange, but true.

It is often said that “Time is given to all equally,” but life is a constant series of choices.
Each choice could be a very small decision, does not sound like time concern.
However, reducing the number of choices we make, we are able to create more time.


3. Save more money

Shopping is fun, but is it really necessary?
When you buy less, theoretically you have more money on hand.
If you are worried that you are not saving money, start by reducing things you buy.

You only need limited items you actually need to live.
Think about a backpacker, you can fit everything in one bag what you need for a daily life.
If you live with the minimum things you need, you may find how comfortable and easy it is.


4. Gain knowledge

As said, you save time being a minimalist, then you can use that time to learn and gain knowledge.
No one can take your knowledge away from you.
Using your knowledge will expand your personal possibilities.


5. More comfortable life

When you have more time, space, money, and knowledge, you can afford to live a comfortable life.
You will always be able to take things with a relaxed mind, and you will be more kind to others.

What do you think?
Personally, I believe that the concept minimalist is useful for everyone in this busy world.
I hope that this article has given you some hints for your own life.

* * *

Sayaka Minami

Minimalist & Professional Organizer
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